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Endless Patience: Goodbye


For Ides of November ((and Redundantthinking - thanks for killing my dreams :p ((hahajk))))

Usagi’s fingers softly brushed Mamoru’s and he instantly responded, taking her hand in his, intertwining their fingers in comfort and support as they silently stood together….

As you all know we currently have a new layout up! We have a lot of new features on the site as well!- We have widgets on top of the forums to help generate interest in a variety of places that are lacking.- We have a new control panel. This means when users visit your profile, you will see something a bit different. With this new control panel you will see the a “friend and foes” management. Users added as “friends” will be easily selectable from the PM menu, and show up on your profile. Foes are members whose messages will not be visible and who won’t be able to send you Private Messages or post on your Wall.Note that you cannot ignore the moderators or the administrators.When is comes to foes, I’d like to encourage members to avoid this feature, and work out their differences via pm instead of resorting to such means. We are all moonies, and try to be kind to all, and avoid drama. <3- New GC Radio. Read about it here!- We’ve moved around the forums. + Theories and Debates can now be found under “General Discussions”+ The Creativity Corner is now it’s own Category. + Added a new Category for the two game forums.+ Updated the Sailor Moon Merch forum to allow non registered members. (so if you know a friend trying to sell something send ‘em here!)STILL TO COME- Layout switcher- User Badges and Awards-Points and Lotus Crystal ShopI hope this all makes sense (and I didn’t forget anything >.>)Love,Neo Queenie Serenitie
a little quickpaint

dumdumdum switching back to magical girls~

some updates

  • I already announced the new theme? probably not.
  • there’s a new theme :3 very shiny.
  • Added a music player to the tumblr! its the same as the forum.
  • There’s also a cbox there - feel free to chat at me and post requests, whatever.
  • obama wonwon <3